Rabbit shows

Normally my bride, affectionately known here as wfwife, handles rabbit posts. I’m kind of the behind-the-scenes-Dick-Cheney type without the heart trouble. Today, I’m taking the reins and sharing my thoughts on rabbit shows. Rabbit shows are a great way to build character, and our kids absolutely love attending a rabbit show. By way of comparison, to them, Disney World is a 2nd class citizen of fun. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to see our kids enjoying themselves, doing something they love, and learning so much along the way about animals, people, business, and life. But humor me for a minute. Let’s break it down, bit-by-bit:

1. Wake up at 4:30AM.

2. Load the van full of humans and rabbits.

3. Put hay under rabbits to absorb their waste.

4. Put pad under smallest humans to absorb their (potential) waste.

5. Drive for a couple of hours.

6. Move stuff.

7. Sit in a camp chair for  8+ hours.

8. Observe a grandmother yell at her kids for not showing her rabbits correctly in the youth show. Yes this actually happened.

9. Observe adults sleeping on a concrete floor.

10. Observe adults smoking outside.

11. Observe adults judging.

12. Consider that this environment is kind of like a homeless shelter (you thought it, don’t judge me).

13. Laugh and attempt to sleep in the camp chair.

Somehow, our children do not see any of this. They are solely focused on rabbits. Screaming grandmothers? They couldn’t care less. Humans on the floor like we’re in some kind of FEMA rescue center? They’re oblivious. And that’s great. They enjoy the heck out of it, so much so that on the way home, they’re already talking about the next rabbit show.

Next time, couldn’t we just visit the Salvation Army instead?

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